No Man's Sky now lets you add bobbleheads to your cockpit

(Image credit: Hello Games)

It can get lonely out in space, exploring the universe in a one-person ship. With the addition of multiplayer and lots of NPCs, No Man's Sky isn't as isolating as it once was, and now you can even be accompanied on your journey by little bobblehead figurines. 

Bobbleheads can be picked up from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, one of the merchant NPCs who hangs out in the Space Anomaly, starting with a tiny Polo and Nada. If you're sad whenever you have to leave your pals behind when you head back to your ship, now you can have a piece of them with you always.  

(Image credit: Hello Games)

On the subject of Polo and Nada, completing their research missions has also rewarded players with the Umbrella Tree, Writhing Bush and Entwining Tree, which are now unlocked and can be replanted in your base to spruce it up.

The last big update added living ships, which you can get by following our living ship guide, along with a bunch of other weird things, which you can now enjoy with your new bobblehead pals.

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