No Man's Sky modders are already updating mods for Beyond

No Man's Sky
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The No Man's Sky modding community is relatively small, but full of important tweaks to the space-faring sim to change the game's UI, controls, and visuals. It's easy to rely on even the smallest changes to games when they get locked into your muscle memory and being suddenly without them is an annoyance. Fortunately, modders for No Man's Sky seem to be updating to Beyond (the latest 2.0 version of the game) extremely quickly. 

The recent uploads on the Nexus Mods hub for No Man's sky are full of images proclaiming mods that are updated for the newest version. Most are quite small changes, like changing the icon for summoning a freighter, replacing the game start logo with the Beyond logo, and changing the frequency of planets that generate as "lush."

No Man's Sky mod - Lush Occurance

(Image credit: Uploaded by Exosolar)

One particular modder, Lo2k, who has updated several of their mods for Beyond so far, has a page tracking the status of each one. So far, it looks like they've updated five of their mods to Beyond, with a big list of others still yet to make the jump.

So far, a few other options have all been updated for Beyond, including giving yourself max inventory slots and stats for ships, and removing the blue tint from the analysis visor

A couple of our own favorites on the best No Man's Sky mods list have already been updated for Beyond as well.

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