No Man's Sky community event adds Quicksilver currency and collectibles

If you hop into No Man's Sky today, you'll receive a radio broadcast from space. Specialist Polo, the alien imp typically found chilling in the mysterious space anomaly, has a quest for you. And not just for you but for everyone, because No Man's Sky has begun hosting community events. Participate, and you'll earn Quicksilver, a currency you'll be able to spend on new emotes, cosmetics, and base decorations at a new vendor aboard the anomaly.

The current event takes place over the next week. Polo will give you coordinates and direct to you a nearby portal. Activate the portal with the coordinates, and you'll be transported to a planet where you'll be asked to dig for buried technology capsules. You'll probably find lots of other players there, too, and maybe one of them will be blasting Wayne Brady's game show Let's Make a Deal over their open mic at an excruciating volume. Or maybe that was just my personal community experience.

After muting Wayne Brady, use your visor to look for buried modules, and you'll find a new resource inside them: hex cores. Collect 25, and you can head back into space, where Polo will give you Quicksilver in exchange for your cores. Visit the anomaly and you'll find the new vendor in the back room.

There are two pages of new stuff you can buy from the new vendor using Quicksilver: a new emote, a cool-looking helmet, plus decorations like decals and statues you can build at your base. (You'll need resources to build them: I bought a gold statue and now I need gold to construct it.)

You've got the next six days to dig up hex cores to turn into Quicksilver, so get digging if you want to collect all of the items in this week's event. (Offer not valid in creative mode.)

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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