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No Man's Sky gets wave of positive Steam reviews, half-price for limited time

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"Can we give this game a round of applause for being one of the biggest redemption [stories] in game history?" reads one of No Man's Sky's most recent Steam (opens in new tab) reviews. Having launched its NEXT update (opens in new tab) earlier this week, players have returned (opens in new tab) to the space explorer in droves—many of whom seem to be enjoying their experience.

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Of the 3,432 people that reviewed No Man's Sky on Steam over the last 30 days, 84 percent did so positively. As Murray points out (opens in new tab) above, this has raised its Overall Steam review rating to Mixed. And as Chris says, it seems that, two years later, the hype for No Man's Sky is back (opens in new tab). Compare these figures to launch day, when 15,875 Steam reviews praised NMS for what it was; while 18,663 did not.

From now through 10am PST / 6pm BST, No Man's Sky is half-price on Steam (opens in new tab)—selling for £19.99/$29.99, down from £39.99/$59.99. 

Follow the link above if you fancy it, but, before you do, check out Pip and Chris's hands-on thoughts. The former explains what it's like to explore No Man's Sky Next with three other people (opens in new tab). The latter asks: Is multiplayer really what No Man's Sky needs? (opens in new tab)