Nioh 2 gets gloomy in a new trailer

Update: The new story trailer is out now, so give it a watch above. 16th century Japan doesn't look too cheery, but you'll have plenty of duels to take your mind off the "misery and madness of endless war." Hopefully we'll get news about a PC port after it launches on PS4 in March. 

Original story: Nioh publisher Koei Tecmo recently announced that a brand new Nioh 2 trailer would premiere on January 23, 2020. The trailer is due to go live at 10 pm JST/1 pm GMT.

The announcement was made on the official Koei Tecmo YouTube channel. Details are minimal at present, with the announcement itself consisting of little more than a picture of the woman who appeared at the end of the Nioh 2 TGS trailer and a premiere time for tomorrow.  

After the success of the original Nioh, fans will be interested to see what Team Ninja has to show ahead of the sequel's launch later this year. However, despite the fact Nioh eventually came to PC, Nioh 2 will follow the same initial trajectory as its predecessor, and will originally launch exclusively on PlayStation

Although the PS4 release date is set in stone - March 13, 2020 - details about how long will transpire between then and the PC port are yet to be confirmed. However, the first Nioh came out in February 2017 and had finished gearing up for a PC launch by November of the same year. 

That being said, if the itinerary for Nioh 2 is anything like that of its predecessor, fans can likely expect a PC port to follow suit roughly nine months after the original release, which leads us to around December 2020—although, again, that is yet to be confirmed. 

For those who have yet to be brought up to speed for all things Nioh 2, producer Fumihiko Yasuda announced that it would be a prequel at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Like its predecessor, it is a work of historical fiction, except this one is set long before William was born. 

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