Dead Island 2 finally has a release date it might make

After a long, long wait, Dead Island 2 is finally releasing next February: The leak that appeared on Amazon last week has been made official by a new trailer that finished the big Opening Night Live showcase at Gamescom.

The tone isn't too far off the one that was released to announce Dead Island 2 all the way back in 2014—horror mixed with goofy, gory slapstick. With good reason: Dead Island 2 will be set in Los Angeles and will feature a "pulpy and irreverent tone" that aims to pay homage to "classic cult Hollywood horror B-movies."

The cinematic reveal trailer features Jacob, one of six characters who will be playable in Dead Island 2. Each will have a unique personality and dialog, and customizable abilities courtesy of an all-new skill system that will enable players to re-spec instantly. That's important, because finding new and interesting ways to wipe out zombies is what the game is really all about. 

"Dead Island 2's gameplay is all about experimenting with your preferred zombie-slaying methods, just kind of going nuts," lead narrative designer Khan explained on the ONL stage. "It's a combat toybox of close-quarters melee brutality, with a few guns for fun."

Along with solo play, Dead Island 2 will also support co-op action for up to three players. The trailer above is a cinematic, but Deep Silver also showed off a bit of fast-cut gameplay too:

Dead Island 2 is set to come out on February 3, 2023, on the Epic Games Store. Have a look at a handful of new screens below.

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Andy Chalk

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