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Night in the Woods release date set for early next year

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Night in the Woods, you may recall, is the 2D adventure-meets-exploration game that was Kickstarted to the tune of $209,375 (approx. £171,412) having asked for just $50,000 (£40,929), in late 2013. Like many small team-led projects that accumulate more than first planned via crowdfunding, though, its scope has since changed which has in turn seen its proposed date of arrival slip too. 

Today, developer Infinite Fall has however revealed when we'll get to grips with feline protagonist Mae and the town of Possum Springs: January 10, 2017. 

In an update via the game's Kickstarter campaign page, its creators announced plans to launch a trailer between now and release alongside the links to various store pages—and that those interested should keep a watchful eye on the Night in the Woods Twitter feed

Perhaps the most interesting part of the update, though, sees Infinite Fall discuss Kickstarter delays and public misconceptions related specifically to its project and its time in the studio. It's quite long-winded, but it's an interesting look behind the scenes of indie/crowdfunded development. If you're interested in reading that, it can be found this way

Otherwise, here's a preview of the Night in the Woods soundtrack:

And another look at its most recent official trailer:

Night in the Woods is due January 10, 2017.