New World, Amazon's MMO, shows off a big chunk of its map in gameplay footage

A few weeks ago, we covered how footage of Amazon's MMO New World had leaked via Pornhub, since this is 2018 and that's just what happens now. That video has been taken down due to a copyright claim, but in recent days, Amazon has been sharing a more official look at one area of its massive map. Check out the video above. 

Windsward is a grassy area of New World that's heavy on resources players can procure, and while nothing terribly thrilling happens in the footage, you get a little snapshot of how pretty its world looks. You'll also see a few serene glances of windmills and wildlife. If I didn't know this game was set in a supernatural continent warred over by hundreds of players, I'd assume it was set in Somerset, UK, where our office is based. People here love that shit. 

In addition, New World's dev team dropped some more screens on Twitter that showcase the picturesque delights of Windsward:

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As the tweet says, we can expect a proper look at another area of New World later this week. Fingers crossed it's a desert or something with snow on top. Alpha testing for the game is now under way.

Samuel Roberts
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