New Overwatch hero will be revealed this month

We've known that references to future Overwatch heroes are hidden in its maps since it launched. Blizzard has also been teasing something on the Overwatch Twitter account for a few days. Now it's all but certain that a new hero will be revealed at or before San Diego Comic-Con, July 21.

Among the Comic-Con panel listings is the tellingly titled 'Behind the Scenes of Overwatch's Newest Hero'. As the last character reveal comprised Mei, Genji and D.Va on November 6, none of them qualify as the single 'newest hero'. This has to be something fresh.

Blizzard's tease on July 6 shows off a biotic healing rifle, and the background character thought most likely to emerge as a hero, Sombra, is believed to be a sniper. In the tease, Torbjörn and Mercy argue over the tech's potential to be weaponised, so time will tell if 'Sombra' is as saintly as the rifle suggests.