New Overwatch hero Orisa introduced

Overwatch has introduced its 24th hero, Orisa, a robotic tank character with an ability called Fortify that temporarily prevents her from being crowd-controlled. She is intended to be a low-mobility, high-protection tank that can be an "anchor tank" similar to Reinhardt, which can be the center of a team composition. 

She has a targeted protective barrier on the lines of Reinhardt's shield that is roughly half the size of Winston's bubble but can be placed either on herself or at range. It looks like Symmetra's projected barrier, in terms of size and shape, but is placed upon the ground instead of targeted to a teammate or projected forward.

Her primary gun, called Fusion Driver, is a projectile cannon that can deliver sustained damage—but like, slows her movement while she fires it. Meanwhile, her alternate fire, "Halt!", is a small graviton charge that Orisa can detonate at will, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them toward the explosion—basically a miniature version of Zarya's ultimate ability. 

Her ultimate ability is called Supercharger, a placed item that damage boosts anyone within line-of-sight, but can be destroyed by enemy fire. Think of it as a combination between Mercy's Damage Boost, Ana's Nano Boost, and Symmetra's Shield Generator. 

Bo Moore

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