New Overwatch comic shows how Bastion and Torbjörn met

Blizzard has released the latest Overwatch comic. 'Binary' tells the story of Bastion—our Bastion, the E-54 unit we play as in-game—and the early days of how it came to join the cast of Overwatch. 

In the comic, which Blizzard says takes place in rural Sweden shortly after the fall of Overwatch, a Bastion unit has taken up residence in the forest outside a village. Assuming it to be hostile, the village has arranged a hunting party to track and destroy it, and Torbjörn has volunteered to lead the charge. 

Torbjörn is uniquely suited to battle against Bastion units, as he had a hand in their original construction. But as the hunt begins, Torb quickly realizes that something is different about this particular Bastion unit. It doesn't seem to be aggressive, whereas normal Bastion units are programmed to fight against any odds until they get shut down.

We won't spoil the ending, but give the comic a read if you're interested in some backstory and flavor on how these once bitter enemies came to a new understanding about each other. 

Bo Moore

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