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New No Man's Sky patch addresses a number of small annoyances

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When it rains it pours. Following the release of the first major No Man's Sky content update earlier this week, comes a new patch designed to fix a number of smaller issues. Posted to the game's Steam page earlier today, the update might interest those who've encountered bugs preventing progress.

Chief among these is NPCs who refuse to engage in conversation, thus denying mission critical dialogue. This is fixed, as is a bug which caused important Exosuit inventory items to mysteriously transfer to the Starship. While this will no longer happen, those already affected by the bug will need to wait for the next patch for a fix.

Elsewhere, a notification will pop up now alerting users to any installed, unsupported mods; Azerty keyboards now have better support, and you'll now be told if you acquire a blueprint that you already own. Some instances of the game crashing have also been smited.

You can see the full notes over here. Here's what Chris thought of the expansion when he played it earlier this week.

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