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New Hitman 3 roadmap gives us a lustful Agent 47 and Marrakesh for free

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IO has just released the latest roadmap for Hitman 3, showing off the newest deadly sin, a free level and more. This time we're getting lustful in Berlin—though you won't be seeing a horny Agent 47 anytime soon.

The Lust Assignation (opens in new tab) escalation contract has our favourite (only?) bald assassin tracking down a secret admirer, instead of being the one who's all loved up. Berlin's nightclub has been given a sexy makeover, and even Agent 47 himself looks pretty sultry in a maroon snakeskin suit. There's also a pretty rad snake-adorned crossbow for completing the mission, along with yet another serpent-themed item in the form of a remote explosive.

Alongside the season of lust, IO also announced the next couple of maps that will be made free in its ongoing rotation. Right now, you can play Hitman 1's Marrakesh (opens in new tab) for free until August 8, with Hitman 1 bonus mission A House Built on Sand available from August 12 until August 22. It'll also see the return of The Entertainer as an elusive target on August 20.

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Dartmoor is getting a permanent event in the form of the Dartmoor Garden Show on August 5, which adorns the manor's gardens in a ton of different flowers and foliage. It also decks out Agent 47 in the painfully posh Summer Sightseeing suit, complete with a jumper draped over his shoulders and everything. IO has also chucked the ICA 19 Goldballer weapon in as an unlock for completing the Untouchable challenge in the Carpathian Mountains, which is pretty neat.

The season of lust has kicked off now, with the new contracts and events trickling in throughout August. We've already had Agent 47 committing greed (opens in new tab), pride (opens in new tab), and sloth (opens in new tab), with glutton coming after this one. The Lust Assignation will set you back $4.99 / £4.99, while the whole sin caboodle costs $29.99 / £29.99.

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