The new PC games of 2018


Life is Strange 2

September 27 (Episode 1) | DONTNOD | Link 

DONTNOD's teen angst adventures are back. It's unclear what Life is Strange 2's story will focus on, but you can bet it will tie back into The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which released for free after E3. You can expect the usual five episode run.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

August 14 (Episode 1) | Telltale Games | Link
Our darling Clementine has grown up quite a bit since her days as a treehouse refugee, and the world of the popular zombie franchise hasn’t been kind to her. The fourth and final season of Telltale’s narrative adventure will close out Clementine’s tale, with original voice actress Melissa Hutchison returning.

The Occupation

October 9 | White Paper Games | Link
A mix of investigative journalism, first-person storytelling, and shady government intrigue, The Occupation pits you as a reporter searching for the truth behind a deadly explosion. It’s the kind of cold, moody thriller that makes All the President’s Men or The Manchurian Candidate classics. It’s up to you whether you stick to the sneaky gumshoe method or shake suspects down for information.

Lego DC Supervillains

October 16 | Lego Games | Link
After a handful of superhero-focused adventures, the DC villains are getting their own go at the Lego treatment. The Justice League has disappeared from Earth, and a mysterious "Justice Syndicate" has replaced them, forcing the baddies to become moderately less bad if they want to keep doing their thing. Play as Joker, Harley Quinn, Gorilla Grodd, and a bunch of other Injustice League members as you run around the city solving puzzles and smashing blocks. I personally can't wait for the evil master plan to just be leaving a bunch of Legos on the ground everywhere for us to step on.


Fall 2018 | SpectreVision | Link
The spooky "mind-bending psycho-thriller" from Elijah Wood's personal studio will be on both VR and traditional platforms. Players are trapped inside a dark simulation built by a troubled scientist who seems to have some strong feelings about his family.


2018 | Alientrap | Link
A gothic fairytale adventure romp, the first thing you’ll probably notice about Wytchwood is that it’s painfully pretty, like a striking allegorical storybook come to life. As an old witch of the forest---there aren’t enough positive role models for witches these days, so this is a step in the right direction---you’ll go around collecting ingredients, crafting spells and potions and punishing the vice-ridden, naughty characters that live there. It’s the only way they’ll learn. 

Disco Elysium

TBA | ZA/UM | Link
Formerly known as No Truce With the Furies. You’re a cop in the town of Revachol in this isometric mystery game that lets you “play any kind of cop you want” including “fascist cop” and “socialist revolutionary cop”. It’s inspired by Kentucky Route Zero and Planescape Torment, and features some very pretty dynamically lit environments.

Ambition: A Minuet in Power  

TBA | Joy Manufacturing Co | Link  
A young French girl named Yvette travels to Paris to see the boy she loves. After being stood up, Yvette vows not to crawl home to the countryside and instead turns herself into a lady of high society. She manages a tight social calendar, attending all the right parties and wearing all the right clothes to garner affection and influence. A Minuet in Power’s gameplay is all about working the room at your social events by saying the right things to the most powerful people. Against the backdrop of the French Revolution, you’ll help Yvette climb the social ladder and steer the nobles under her thumb. 

A Place for the Unwilling

2018 | Alpixel | Link
A Place for the Unwilling is an adventure game set in a Victorian-era city, covered in fog and mystery. You inherit your friend's business after they commit suicide and have to earn a living as a trader while also figuring out exactly why they took their life. Also it has time travel, and a supernatural side that draws from Robert W. Chambers' King in Yellow stories and H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

The Last Night

TBA | Odd Tales | Link
With a captivating debut trailer that showed off its inventive mix of 2D sprites and 3D environments, The Last Night promises a visually arresting cyberpunk narrative. That story will touch on a world full of people seeking meaning in material consumption, and a protagonist who must go without.

The Good Life

TBA | White Owls | Link
Swery, the mind behind Deadly Premonition and D4, is back with a weird “debt repayment daily life RPG.” Trapped in the “happiest town in the world,” New York photographer Naomi must fund her escape from rural doldrums by taking photos and doing odd jobs. That is until she discovers a dead body with a knife through its belly. Oh, and everyone turns into cats (or dogs!) at night. It’s the City Slickers/Hot Fuzz/Animorphs mash-up you never knew you wanted.


August 8 | Wadjet Eye Games | Link
Set in the same universe as Dave Gilbert’s exceptional Blackwell series of adventure games, Unavowed is an urban fantasy adventure that evokes The Dresden Files and Hellblazer, mixing suits and cities and skyscrapers with demons, djinn and magic. The titular Unavowed are a group dedicated to stopping evil, and you’ll play their newest recruit. As a big BioWare fan, Gilbert’s created a companion system that’s partially inspired by BioWare RPGs, as well as three playable origin stories. 


2018 | Route 59 | Link
Most of us are dead to the world before our first cup of coffee, but this visual novel takes it a step further, set in a supernatural cafe where the dead get to enjoy one last brew. Necrobarista blends 2D and 3D graphics for a unique visual style, more in line with a Telltale game’s sense of cinematography than the traditionally flat look of anime-inspired visual novels before it, although the developers have cited classic anime like Cowboy Bebop and FLCL as inspiration.

Project Tingler

TBA | Zoë Quinn | Link
Project Tingler is the codename for a Zoë Quinn’s project which fuses the aesthetic of erotica writer Chuck Tingle and FMV footage. It’s maybe a dating sim? Or maybe not. Maybe it’s an adventure game. But who’s to say? We can only be sure that it will include a sexy Unicorn Butt Cop. 

Lona: Realm of Colors 

August 2018 | Spacefox | Link
Inspired by the artwork of Miyazaki films, Lona: Realm of Colors is a point-and-click game that asks the player to find out what happened to Lona, a girl who becomes trapped in her own paintings. Lona paints scenes to process her feelings and work through her problems and each painting has three versions to reflect those feelings: a neutral setting, a bright-colored chaotic version, and a dark and dreary logical version. You’ll click the screen to find items while swapping between moods in order to solve puzzles and unlock events to find out what’s happened to Lona.

Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death 

2018 | Salix Games | Link
Jack the Ripper is at large in London in the year 1888 where Salix Games reimagines Arthurian legends Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey as immortal heroes tracking down England’s most wanted. Du Lac & Fey is a point-and-click adventure where the detective and his canine partner sniff out clues at the crime scenes of the notorious Whitechapel Murders. Decisions made by the player, according to Salix Games, will influence the overarching story as well as individual character arcs. Read our full preview and interview with the game's director.


2018 | btf | Link
An American physicist named Tannhauser is invited to a charming little town in West Germany in 1967. Not long after, some of his research papers are stolen and he’s deeply entrenched in a wild sci-fi mystery. If that’s not a good enough hook, and it should be, Trüberbrook is full of gorgeous environments. Each one is built by hand as diorama models that are then digitized with a process called photogrammetry which involves deriving 3D models from thousands of photos of a subject. Trüberbrook will be a point-and-click adventure calling on inspiration from things like Twin Peaks and X-Files.