The new PC games of 2018


Thronebreakers: The Witcher Tales

 October 23 | CD Projekt Red | Link
Though it started life as a simpler expansion to Gwent, CD Projekt Red’s quite excellent card game, Thronebreakers broke off to become its own 20-40 hour legit roleplaying experience. You won’t be traversing a 3D world as Geralt, but rather a 2D one (think visual novel) as the war-hardened Queen Meve in the same troubled regions. It’s a curious mix of Gwent card games, puzzles, and leagues of voice acting for what seems like a relatively promising role-playing experience. Check out Wes’ full preview


November 28 | Valve
Dota 2 is getting its own card game, featuring three different boards to play on and a variety of familiar characters. Sean “Day9” Plott let slip that the game might involve constructing barracks, creeps, and lanes, lending a little more MOBA-ness to the formula than Hearthstone has. 


2018 | Tha Ltd | Link
Our Samuel Horti described enigmatic Humanity as a mashup of Lemmings and Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Tha Ltd hasn’t revealed much, but it looks like we’ll be guiding massive crowds of faceless humans through minimalist obstacle courses, but it also looks like these crowds can collide and fight each other in gargantuan brawls. There’s something hypnotic about watching them relentlessly marching forwards.  


2018 | EightyEight Games | Link
Photographs, explains creator Luca Redwood, is a puzzle game that’s not a puzzle game. It’s five puzzle games, each with different mechanics and their own story. And inside those five puzzle games, there’s a narrative game, where photographs, puzzles and audio come together to tell a complete story. It sounds quite different to Redwood’s previous games, You Must Build A Boat and 10,000,000. 

Nimbatus—The Space Drone Constructor 

October 3 (currently early access) | Stray Fawn Studio | Link
Nimbatus takes inspiration from games like Kerbal Space program and Besiege, tasking you with building space drones that are as hilarious in their failures as they are triumphant in their success, and often over-engineered. Each of Nimbatus’ randomly-generated planets have unique missions that call for using the hundreds of available drone parts in creative ways. The trailer alone is a lesson in design iteration with a healthy dose of comedic timing. Nimbatus will be entering Early Access in mid 2018 with a full release later down the road. In the meantime, you can try out the demo. 

UFO 50

2018 ("possibly early 2019") | Mossmouth | Link
A team of all-star indie developers including the creators of Spelunky and Downwell are collaborating on this collection of 50 small games. There's everything from 2D platformers, and side-scrolling beat-em-ups to golf and RPGs. Everything's 8-bit and shares a 32-color palette, and there's a fictional backstory suggesting all 50 games were made by the same forgotten company from the '80s.