New Elder Scrolls Online dev video shows new monsters, first-person camera

A short new development video from the team behind the Elder Scrolls Online teases us with yet another glimpse at how combat looks from a first-person perspective in the upcoming MMORPG. Released this week by developers Zenimax Online Studios, the video introduces the Kwama, a monster sure to torment us all—in first or third-person view—when the game launches next year.

While we've already seen examples of first-person combat in the E3 gameplay trailer and in various stage demos from the conference (via Gamespot for example), the Kwama video represents the absolute latest peak at how the first-person camera—so integral to any Elder Scrolls game—may function.

Equally intriguing for me is the look we get in the new video at the Kwama's habitat and the art style that appears to be at work in ESO. Native to Morrowind , the insectoids create burrows of egg mines that serve as a delicious-sounding food source for dark elves. Perhaps you'll stumble across a Kwama nest in one of the ESO dungeons we've been hearing about.

A new round of beta invites also shipped this week, so maybe some of you will get a chance to see for yourselves how tasty, or frightening, the Kwama can be.

For more on ESO, check out our most-recent hands-on look at the game as well as the Kwama video below.

Thanks PCGamesN .