New Doom trailer reveals the next free update and Unto the Evil DLC

Big things are happening in the world of Doom, Bethesda's demon-bothering FPS reboot, beginning with a double-XP weekend and a major free update, both of which are set to go live on July 29. 

The update will add a pair of new multiplayer modes—a one-flag CTF mode called Exodus and an objective-based capture-and-hold mode called Sector—and make some big changes to the SnapMap editor, including customizable weapon wheel functionality, the addition of the Mancubus as a playable demon, and “a laundry list of improvements to the Community HUB, editor and logic capabilities.” 

After that, on August 5, Bethesda will roll out Unto the Evil, Doom's first premium multiplayer DLC release. The bundle will include three new multiplayer maps, a new player-controlled demon called the Harvester, the UAC EMG Pistol, the Kinetic Mine, new hack modules, and new armor sets, patterns, colors, and taunts. It will also incorporate a new feature called PartyPlay, which will enable players who don't own the package to access the new multiplayer maps as long as they're partied up with someone who does.

“If a DLC map comes up as part of the rotation, you and your party can play just as you have with the game's original multiplayers maps,” Bethesda explained. “Conversely, if you have purchased the premium DLC pack, anyone in your party can play any of the maps from the DLC as long as they’re with you.” 

Unto the Evil is included with the Doom season pass and will sell separately for $14.99/£11.99.   

Andy Chalk

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