New Clockwork Empires dev blog details character behavior, military units

With a wink and a nod to the colossus that is E3, Gaslamp Games has a new dev blog update about in-progress steampunk city-builder Clockwork Empires . Gaslamp technical director Nicholas Vining describes some of the features the team has been busy working on, including character moods, sleeping patterns, and combat.

Because game success in this strategy game looks to be so character-based , keeping those characters happy—with appropriate sleeping arrangements according to their social class—is key, according to Vining. "Character moods are slowly starting to be tracked, where people will be happy but will become less happy as their needs are not met," wrote Vining. "If your subjects are not happy, expect Unwanted Behaviour, including the sort of thing which may warrant a visit from the Anti-Paranormal Invigilators and walking into the sea, never to return."

The one class of character that hopefully stays happy and awake is the military units. "Combat is starting to fall into place. Your military will now shoot encroaching… things. Sadly, we cannot reveal the nature of the things encroaching upon your territory, for fear that your minds are not yet ready to handle the truth. Soon."

Thankfully, military units can now reliably construct defensive features such as fences, walls, and sharpened stakes so as to protect your settlement from the "things" that the developers have in mind to antagonize us.

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