Gaslamp explains how combat will function in Clockwork Empires

Clockwork Empires

Gaslamp Games continues to enlighten us about how its steampunk city-builder will work. This week, the Vancouver-based indie is shedding light how it plans to integrate combat into its Dwarf Fortress-style game. The martial matters divulged in the today's dev diary include details on how the personalities of soldiers and officers will affect combat and the consequences we will endure in defeat.

"Clockwork Empires is a game about characters, not just the cold mechanics of supply chains and industry," the blog reads. "Therefore the character of your soldiers must be essential to the outcome of combat." Some examples given include how a squad might behave under a conservative sergeant versus an aggressive and possibly insane one. It's even hinted that the disposition of your major general—the guy at the top of the command structure—will have an effect on all of your military. It goes in both directions, too. The traits of each individual soldier will affect things like how likely they are to flee from combat or disobey orders.

Gaslamp is also designing combat in way that de-emphasizes micromanagement. "Outcome is determined by supply and setup... [it's] a game of strategy over tactics, and tactics over twitch," the blog explains. "Rather than a reflex AWP shot, think of it more like gardening, albeit bristling with barbed wire and Redcoats."

Finally, the devs have expressed their desire for combat not to be a "meat-grinder." Victories will be harder-won, but defeat will be an interesting experience that doesn't leave your entire military dead or crippled just because one battle didn't go their way. In Gaslamp's words: "A player who keeps a stiff upper lip and endures defeat should be rewarded with narrative richness."

There are more details to find in the official post . If you've missed the boat on Clockwork Empires thus far, have a look back at our previous coverage or watch our video interview with Gaslamp embedded above.