New Borderlands 3 patch makes KillaVolt significantly easier

(Image credit: Future)

KillaVolt sucks, and now it's official. As one of the earlier side mission bosses in Borderlands 3, he proves a much more formidable opponent than he should. It even prompted James to write this guide. One of his attacks involves electrifying the whole surface of the arena, and this especially hurt if you didn't happen to have a weapon with great splash damage and, say, Amara's health regen ability.

In its latest patch notes for Borderlands 3, Gearbox has admitted it was a mistake. From now on, KillaVolt's Shield Storm attack will reliably disable the electrified tiles around the enemy, meaning you'll actually be able to stand on the ground more often.

The September 26 Borderlands 3 patch also ushers in a range of other fixes and improvements. If you've encountered a progression blocker in the quest 'Footsteps of Giants', you'll be glad to hear that's gone, now. Vending machines will now sort items according to rarity, and the 'Porcelain Pipe Bomb' grenade has been nerfed considerably. "This grenade was never meant to explode multiple times," Gearbox writes. "All enemies in the Borderlands universe are now safe from being instantly melted by radioactive poop."

Meanwhile, players reporting a bug with their Guardian Rank, which saw them losing "tokens into the negatives" has been addressed, and texture streaming when aiming down sights has been reined in a bit. 

Those are the major points: if you want all the gritty details the patch notes are over here.

Shaun Prescott

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