New adventure game The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief is out now

Adventure games aren't dead, okay? They're alive and kicking and with characters that only vaguely look as if they've been moulded out of plasticine. Now gather around, fellow fans, and we'll take a look at the newest story to hit the genre today—The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief.

Part one of the planned trilogy, "The Eye of the Sphinx," has debuted on Steam and its own Nordic Games shop with a 10% discount that'll last for the next week; the full price covers the additional two episodes as they become available. The Raven's plot unfolds pretty much exactly as you'd expect from its name; there's a museum, a jewel, and a bird-shaped master thief to come between the two. Why a bird? The guy looks more like a victim of tarring-and-feathering than anything, so it's a bit awkward that he hasn't gone for the usual slinky Cat Burglar disguise. Anyway.

Set in the 1960s, the story spans half the world, from Switzerland to Egypt. According to The Raven's website , this will appeal to both genre enthusiasts and newbies, with both objective-hinting notebooks and optional puzzles making an appearance. The 3D graphics aren't exactly going to rival the next Battlefield game, but I'm happy enough to get my point-and-click fix with this—and the second and third chapters have planned release dates in August and September, so we won't have to wait long for the story's conclusion, either.