Need for Speed Payback trailer shows off the racer's customisation

It'd probably be more newsworthy if Need For Speed Payback didn't have a customisation system, but it does, and there's a new trailer embedded above showing it off. As you'll probably expect, the freedom to customise slowly opens up the more and more you do in-game, so expect to accrue some form of currency if you want to look as cool as you aspire to be.

It's not just cosmetics, though: performance enhancing customisations are here and available in six categories including Block, Head, Turbo, Exhaust, Engine Control Unit and Transmission. Fiddle with the variables within each of those categories in order to make your car go faster, or in order to make your car turn corners more smoothly. I don't know: I hate pressing the brake button in racing games.

Need For Speed Payback releases November 7.

Shaun Prescott

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