These Need for Speed: Heat shoes are like racing tires for your feet, or something

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Are shoes the next must-have videogame accessory? Destiny 2 got some fancy footwear courtesy of Palladium, and then Call of Duty teamed up with Adidas and Pusha T for some limited-edition trainers. Now Need for Speed: Heat has waded into this odd fray with the Hi OCTN x NFS sneakers, a set of high-speed tires for your feet developed in partnership with Puma.

I'm going to quote the press release on the shoe's physical design, so you can really get a proper sense of what's going on here:

The Puma Hi OCTN x NFS sneaker design features a Neoprene sock construction with technical overlays and a buckle for additional stability. As in drifting, the wider the tires, the more grip you have on corners and lateral movements. The full rubber outsole takes cues from wide rugged tires, with a comfortable EVA midsole providing the ultimate grip.

Car customization is a central feature of Need for Speed: Heat, and that philosophy has apparently carried over to the shoes as well, although to be clear they're not actually customizable.

"Individual expression is at the heart of the Need for Speed franchise. We've always encouraged players to show off their style through their rides, so when we decided to add the same level of customization to our in-game characters, we knew we needed a partner that exuded personality," Need for Speed: Heat creative director Riley Cooper said.

"As one of the leading sports brands in the world and an expert in motorsport fashion, Puma is an ideal partner. The Hi OCTN x NFS collaboration not only lets players hit the streets of Palm City in style, but also takes the game to a new level by bringing the Need for Speed Heat experience to life.”

Will your choice of footwear actually enhance your in-game experience in Need for Speed: Heat? I'm not convinced, and to be frank I'm not really getting much of a NFS vibe off of them either. Where's the wild paint job? The neon splashes? The red lights at the back of the heel that flash when you walk? Because hey, that would be cool. (My nephew has those, so I know.)

If game-related footwear is your thing, you can pick up a pair of the Hi OCTN x NFS sneakers today at your local Shoe Palace, or online at beginning on November 15. A virtual version will also be available as a NFS: Heat customization item.

Need for Speed: Heat will arrive on Origin on November 8. Check out the launch trailer below.

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