Put Destiny 2 on your feet with these officially licensed boots from Palladium

Have you ever thought to yourself that Destiny 2 is so great, so mind-blastingly awesome, that you wish you could just stick your feet straight into it? If so, I have some oddly specific but still very good news for you: Soon, you'll be able to, symbolically at least, do just that.

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Boots! Official actual footwear courtesy of a partnership between Bungie and Palladium, which apparently got its start making airplane tires in the 1920s before moving into footwear after the war. (The company's history also gets into the French Foreign Legion and Duran Duran, among a great many other things. It's really quite a journey.) There's no word on pricing at this point, but similar-looking boots on the Palladium website generally start at around $100 at regular price. Having those logos plastered on this pair will no doubt push that price a little higher, though.

I agree with my esteemed colleague at GamesRadar that it's a fair price for a decent pair of boots, but take some issue with the suggestion that they "look nice." I mean, they're grey. And it not even an interesting kind of grey, like urban camouflage or something that looks like it fell off a Vex's ass; it's just dull, flat, blah grey. Where are the glowy bits? The neon accents? The gaudy, random embellishments that clash blindingly with everything you own, but the boots are just so damn comfortable that you're compelled to wear them anyway?

Despite the self-evident lack of Destiny-like flair, the reaction to the footwear so far seems quite positive—certainly better than the $276 Fallout 76 jacket, at least. When the time comes, the boots will be available for purchase from the Bungie Store.

Andy Chalk

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