Curse your feet with these Call of Duty trainers

(Image credit: Adidas)

Call of Duty is giving away 300 pairs of trainers, for some reason. They've been made in collaboration with rapper Pusha T and Adidas. 

"The attention to detail in Modern Warfare is amazing," said Pusha T. "Putting it on an Ozweego, which is one of my favourite silhouettes, I think it's history in the making."

While this suggests that you can play Modern Warfare, and appreciate its attention to detail, on the trainer, shoes are unfortunately not one of the game's planned platforms. 

I'm not sure if they really evoke Call of Duty, but I'm also not sure how that would be possible. Bungie somehow managed it with its Destiny 2 boot, which mixes practicality with some of the sci-fi shooters flair, though Andy Chalk disagrees. He's wrong, of course, and it's a great boot. But Modern Warfare doesn't really have the same aesthetic chops. 

The trainers aren't for sale, but you can get a chance to win them by registering here and reaching Officer Rank by November 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is due out on October 25.

Fraser Brown
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