Naturally, players already extended the Resident Evil Village timed demo

Resident Evil VIllage characters
(Image credit: Capcom)

A 60-minute timed demo of Resident Evil Village has released on the PC, and as is almost always the case with timed demos on the PC, someone has already found a way to reset the demo timer and allow you to keep playing. The exploit alters files on your computer to trick the game timer into thinking you've played less than you have.

Posters on the Steam forums have shared the technique, a slightly involved process involving disabling the Steam Cloud and using the third party SAM tool.

This exploit follows Capcom taking down the demo servers on the PC yesterday after players figured out how to bypass a countdown timer to the demo's launch.

Resident Evil Village is the eighth in the main series of the Capcom survival horror games, and has been hotly anticipated by many due to not just the popularity of the series, but the characters in it. Capcom has gone all-out in the media blitz before the game's release on May 7th, up to and including a puppet show. For more about it, you can go see everything we know about Resident Evil Village.

You can find the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo on Steam.

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