Resident Evil Village's upcoming PC demo has been mercifully extended

Resident Evil Village Maiden demo
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village is releasing its third and final demo this weekend, and Capcom is finally letting PC players get a slice of the spooky pie, with a mercifully larger window of time to play it.

Capcom has been rather stingy with its first two demos for the game. The Castle and Village demos were PlayStation-exclusive and available for a mere eight hours, and the final demo was expected to only have a 24-hour shelf life. 

Understandably, people have been pretty miffed about this. Although the previous demos were only around 30 minutes long, they essentially demanded that you be free for one specific evening or face losing out on the opportunity to play it. 

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The final demo was announced earlier this month with a longer but still restrictive 24-hour window. Thankfully, it looks like Capcom has listened to the feedback. In a tweet today, the studio announced it would be adding a whole extra week onto the original 24 hours, giving players eight days to try it out. It's still frustrating to have it be timed, but it should be much easier to find a moment to sit down with the demo now.

Resident Evil Village's final demo will combine the Castle and Village levels into one 60-minute demo. It will run from May 1 at 5 PM until May 9 at 5 PM PDT in North America and May 2 at 1 AM until May 10 at 1 AM BST in the UK.  

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