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Natural Selection 2 gets a new map

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Natural Selection 2 (opens in new tab) has been patched with a new map, alien skin and a host of fixes. 'Caged' is a deep-space construction vessel gone dark after sending out a distress call—no prizes for guessing what happened. Now that the boring old crew has been digested, we're left with a four-techpoint, 10-resource-point map.

The accompanying tweaks include bots that evolve (into Lerks, Fade and Oni), improved Alien Vision and overhauled Spores. As a bonus, anyone playing at least two hours on Caged before June 10 will receive a free Abyss skin for the Skulk. The full patch notes (opens in new tab) are extensive, so it's worth reading up if you're a veteran.

In all honesty, I'd forgotten Natural Selection 2 was still going. Unknown Worlds returned to NS development (opens in new tab) in November last year, taking over from the community team that had been keeping the lights on. Since then, it's received a patch almost weekly.