Multiversus will have a 50-tier battle pass when season 1 launches

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

The Multiversus open beta is in full swing, with a nice pre-season phase easing people into Warner Bro's eclectic Smashlike. There's even a baby battle pass, with 15 tiers and two neat Adventure Time skins up for grabs—one on the free track and one on the paid.

Season one of Multiversus is set to launch on August 9 alongside the game's first fully-fledged battle pass, and game director Tony Huynh has offered some insight into what we can expect. It should cost around 950 gleamium—the game's premium currency—and will have 50 tiers in total (thanks, TheGamer).

That's not too bad for a battle pass—around half the size of a Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Hearthstone battle pass, and roughly the same number of tiers as a Valorant one. It's not yet known how long the season will run or how easy it'll be to progress along each tier.

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I've personally been finding the pre-season battle pass a bit of a slog to get through, especially for how little time there is to complete everything right now. Add in the fact that season milestones are random and can toss you some rather cruel challenges with no way to reroll, and the whole thing can feel like a rather unsatisfying grind. Hopefully, some small tweaks will be made to season one's battle pass to make it feel a little nicer, especially with more tiers to plough through.

Multiversus has got off to a strong start on Steam, though some characters like Taz started way too strong and have been whacked with nerfs. One of the funny things about watching players figure it out so far is seeing these characters in fighting game tier lists: turns out Bugs Bunny can kick Superman's ass.

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