MultiVersus has delayed Black Adam's release

Promotional image for Multiversus showing characters Black Adam and Stripe
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Bad news, MultiVersus fans. DC Comics antihero Black Adam has been delayed, with Player First Games saying he's "not quite ready" to join the platform fighter yet.

He was initially revealed in August—though he'd already made an appearance on the list of leaked MultiVersus characters before that—alongside Gremlins' Stripe. He's been knocking around since 1945, originally touted as a wildly powerful supervillain to Shazam. In more recent times, he's pivoted towards more of an antihero, but could still serve a beatdown to Superman. 

Black Adam was supposed to release this week, presumably loosely tying in with the Dwayne Johnson movie that came out on October 21. Unfortunately, his release has been delayed at the last minute. 

"The Gods have spoken and Black Adam is not quite ready to change the hierarchy of MultiVersus," the developers say in a tweet. "Stay tuned and thank you for your patience, Mortals." 

Technical systems designer Devin "Reslived" Gajewski said the choice to delay was "rough," but added "we needed the time. I think this patch more than any other will be worth the wait. Just gotta get there." 

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There's no rescheduled release date for Black Adam yet. He was supposed to land alongside a new arcade mode, though Player First hasn't mentioned if that's also been delayed. With MultiVersus season one concluding on November 15, hopefully, we'll be seeing Black Adam and Superman duke it out before then.

Beyond Black Adam and Stripe, who released on October 12, it's unknown who is set to join the roster next. Leaked datamining has pointed towards Joker being on the way soon, and even more excitingly voiced by the legendary Mark Hamill. Outside of more DC fighters, there's a chance we may see Lord of the Rings or even Mortal Kombat characters joining the fray in the near future. 

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