Multiplayer runner SpeedRunners is free to play this weekend


Earlier today I asked people on Twitter for recommendations of good early-access games, and one that came up was SpeedRunners, described as a "cut-throat multiplayer running game". I'd never tried it, but now I can without even spending any money, because it's free to play on Steam this weekend.

SpeedRunners is being developed by Dutch developer DoubleDutch Games and published by tinyBuild. It's a colourful fast-paced same-screen multiplayer game in which you run, jump, and swing through levels while using weapons and other items to prevent your opponents from doing the same.

Normally, SpeedRunners costs £10.99 / $14.99, but you can play it for absolutely nothing until the end of Sunday, and if you like it you can buy it for a third of its usual price at £3.62 / $4.94. If you've long harboured a desire to play a game as famous YouTuber, you can also buy two YouTuber Packs for 49p / 98 cents apiece. Apparently this is PewDiePie:

SpeedRunners PewDiePie