MSI's green themed RTX 4060 NV Edition graphics card is perfect for showing the world just how much you love Nvidia

MSI GeForce RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition
(Image credit: MSI)

MSI has launched a limited edition Nvidia green themed graphics card, the RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition. Only 6,000 of the cards will be made, with stock limited to a handful of countries.

According to MSI marketing speak, the series is being made to celebrate the "enduring partnership with Nvidia and is a true testament of our friendship and collaboration through the years." Obviously its design features an Nvidia green color with a splash of RGB lighting, as is common to MSI's Gaming series. So if you've got a windowed case and you really love Nvidia and want to show it, MSI has you covered.

The choice of the RTX 4060 SKU to kick off the series is a curious one, as it didn't receive the best reception when it launched. The GPU itself isn't a bad one, with its low power consumption being a highlight, but it really should have ended up being called the RTX 4050 and launched with a lower price. 

The cynical view is that MSI chose it because it has excess stock of AD107 GPUs and it's looking to shift a few more with this limited edition. Nevertheless, the RTX 4060 is still a card that sells in volume, and it's sure to sell out.

It's a green card in more ways than one. It's shipped in environmentally friendly packaging, with 100% paper based materials and no plastics. That's always a good thing, even though it should be standard for almost all PC component packaging these days. 

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Personally, green is my favorite color. Heck, my gaming rig features green RGB lighting! But Nvidia's green is a little too light for my taste. Everyone has different opinions though, and it's certainly an option for Nvidia fans.

Apart from the coloring, the GPU features an identical spec and clock speeds to the regular Gaming X. And if the RTX 4060 is not your choice of card, it's just the first of MSI's NV range, with more powerful RTX 40-series cards to follow.

With a limited run of 6,000 units, the card is only available in a handful of countries, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and a few European countries including the UK. Availability in the USA is also scheduled. 

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