Mortal Shell's free update has pumpkin hats and black metal by Rotting Christ

An image of a character from the game Mortal Shell, shirtless and wearing a pumpkin on their head.
(Image credit: Cold Symmetry)

Action RPG Mortal Shell has a new free update, called Rotting Autumn, which has a bunch of new looks for the game's titular shells, a new quest, an extensive photo mode, and also an entire alternate set of soundtracks for the bosses by Greek death metal band Rotting Christ. The new soundtracks are optional, but those who've already played the game once will probably enjoy the new stuff alongside their variously and artistically remade shells. I'm a particularly big fan of this skinless look:

An image of a character from the game Mortal Shell, they are wearing armor that looks like a skinless person. A massive Toad is in the background.

(Image credit: Cold Symmetry)

Right there in the background is Gorf the toad. The Rotting Autumn update has a new quest in it that revolves around Gorf. Love that guy.

Ghost wearing a rotting corpse simulator Mortal Shell caused quite a stir when it was revealed and released earlier this year, both because it's beautifully rendered in its own right and due to its resemblances to the much-beloved Dark Souls franchise. Those visuals are likely the reason they've worked so hard on adding a photo mode. We had a lot to say about it just around its launch, with our Tom Senior calling it a "refreshing example of a game that does just a few things very well."

You can immediately play and/or read about Mortal Shell's Rotten Autumn on developer Cold Symmetry's update post, and you can find out more about the game right here or on the official website. Mortal Shell is for sale on the Epic Games Store for $30, on sale at $24 until November 5th, and will come to Steam some time in 2021.

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