Monster Hunter: World showcases toxic Rotten Vale swampland

Yesterday, we reported on Monster Hunter: World's gorgeous Coral Highlands—an arena bursting with colour and stalked by the cutesy Paolumu. Today, we visit the Rotten Vale swampland that's far less pretty and filled with Radobaan. 

In the following short, the narrator describes the latter as "the skeletal scoundrel who coats his tar-like body with the bones of fallen monsters". It seems less than pleased that the player has stumbled upon its lair, and is even less impressed when a rival Odogaron turns up. Between battling the player in a typically epic showdown, these two beasts lock horns in a vicious turf war. 

When the dust settles, the Odogaron then turns its attention back on the player—who is then seen baiting the beast by luring it deeper into the Rotten Vale in a bid to "even the odds", as suggested by the narrator. 

Look, see:

As you'll see there, the narrator describes the Rotten Vale itself as having "become a breeding ground for putrid smells, toxic ecology, rotting carcasses and some rather resilient monsters." Against yesterday's eye-watering setting, the Rotten Vale looks like a more grueling locale—but I nevertheless like the idea of sidestepping battles in favour of using the environment to your advantage. 

Monster Hunter: World is due on PC later this year. Here's the game's producer on why the PC version is delayed