Monster Hunter: World is coming to Final Fantasy 14 in a new crossover this summer

Final Fantasy 14 is getting some new dragons to fight this summer thanks to Monster Hunter: World, which, as Square Enix announced today during its E3 2018 presentation, will lend at least one of its monsters to the MMO in an upcoming crossover. 

We know the crossover is due sometime this summer, but Square Enix didn't say much else. That said, there's plenty to speculate on. Rathalos, a big red dragon and the longstanding face of Monster Hunter, was the headlining act of the announcement. Which is neat, and also makes me wonder if Rathian, Rathalos' female counterpart, or indeed any other Monster Hunter: World monsters, will make an appearance. 

Rathalos looked like he was in a bad mood, so presumably FF14 players will get to fight him. But will they be able to harvest his scales and use them to craft new armor or cosmetics? We also saw one of Monster Hunter's Palicoes, those cute little cat helpers who follow you around on hunts, so maybe FF14 is getting a Palico minion? Here's hoping. 

While Monster Hunter: World will come to Final Fantasy 14 this summer, the actual game isn't due on PC until this fall. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained the delay earlier this year, promising "a really great, optimised PC experience." While we wait, please enjoy this excited Palico: 

Austin Wood
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