The Monster Rise event quests you should play now

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Monster Hunter Rise arrived on PC in January, close to a full year after it debuted on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. It was a long wait for PC players, but that wait did come with one advantage: 10 months of accumulated updates and event quests from the console version are ready and waiting on the PC from day one. That's a whole lot of extra hunting available right away.

Event quests are Monster Hunter's way of delivering new challenges every month. Sometimes these include unique versions of monsters you haven't been able to fight before, or reward you with a particular set of weapon parts or cosmetics. Capcom sometimes went all-out with its event quests In Monster Hunter World, like the time it did a crossover with The Witcher. Many event quests aren't that special, but at least provide an easy way to queue up a set of monsters you've probably never fought in a single combined hunt before.

The PC version launched with a full set of event quests from Rise's April - November updates, but it's still a bit behind the Switch version of the game. Here's when to expect Rise to catch up, and what event quests we have to look forward to.

When is Monster Hunter Rise catching up to Switch version 3.7? 

At launch on PC, Monster Hunter Rise includes everything released through Switch update 3.6.1, released in November 2021. According to Monster Hunter's official site, Capcom plans "to synch the content with the Nintendo Switch version at the end of February 2022."

There's no hard date yet for the PC version's first update or word on when exactly Capcom will be rolling out future event quests, but we'll keep an eye out.

Upcoming event quests on PC

The PC being a bit behind the Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise means we still have a few event quests coming soon. Here's what Capcom has on the way. 

  • Dastardly Vile Aknosom Trio - Hunt 3 Aksonom for Winter Set stickers
  • Advanced: Born of Paradise - Hunt Wind Serpent Ibushi and Narwa the Allmother, no special reward
  • Apex Rathalos Emergency - Hunt an Apex Rathalos, no special reward
  • Frost Bites - Hunt Lagombi, Barioth, and Goss Harag for Orion layered armor
  • Blazin' Soul of a Warrior - Hunt a Magnamalo, no special reward

The Monster Hunter Rise event quests you can play now for special rewards 

With eight months of event quests already stockpiled in Rise, there are a lot of hunts to choose from. If you want to make a beeline for the quests that offer special rewards like unique armor sets, here are the ones to play. 

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2Gotta Hoard FastDeliver 200 ringsSonic the Hedgehog Palico layered armor, Canyne Tails Palamute layered armor, and Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles figurines
7Super Shady LookalikeHunt NargacugaSonic the Hedgehog layered armor
7Nothing to Sneeze At!Hunt 2 BishatenHot & Cold pose set
7Heart of an ApexHunt Apex Arzuros, Apex Rathian and Apex Diablos10 new titles
7Rajang's Holiday SpecialHunt 2 Great Wroggi and RajangParty sticker set
6Troubled WatersHunt Jyuratodus, Somnacanth and MizutsuneDiver layered armor
7Kunai Ask You a FavorHunt Barroth, Rathian and DiablosKunai pose set
5Soaring DesireHunt Royal Ludroth, Pukei-Pukei and BishatenWirebug pose set
6Knight in Shattered ArmorHunt Volvidon, Basarios and RathalosArthur layered armor (Ghosts 'n Goblins)
7The Blue Bomber's Best BudHunt ZinogreRush layered armor (Mega Man)
7Boomy DangoHunt BazelgeuseDango set stickers
7Scorching ShowdownHunt TeostraCheering gesture
7White Desert BlossomHunt Rakna-KadakiEndemic Life set stickers
7SF: Ultimate Promotion ExamHunt a RajangAkuma layered armor
7Heart of RivalryHunt Apex Mizutsune and Apex Zinogre10 new titles
7Rampage: Enchanting ParadeDefend the gateMew Mew gesture
2Rising Sun!Deliver 21 Sun Goddess PicturesAmmy Costume Palamute layered armor (Okami)
7An Icy Blade So BrightHunt Goss HaragShadow Shades layered armor
7Heart of a HeroHunt Tigrex and Diablos10 new titles
7Rampage: Muddi GrasDefend the gateFestival set stickers
7Fooled in the Flooded ForestHunt ChameleosPlay Possum gesture
7Almudron: Fashion VictimHunt AlmudronBlack Leather Legs layered armor
1Bird Wyverns of RuinHunt Great Baggi, Great Izuchi, and Kulu-Ya-KuTsukino layered armor
7Heart of a NinjaHunt Tobi-Kadachi, Barioth, and Nargacuga10 new titles
4Dancing Parasol, Snowy BreezeHunt AksonomCohoot set stickers
7I Can't Do What SomnacanHunt SomnacanthBlowing a Kiss gesture
7Haste Makes WasteHunt Apex ArzurosCunning Specs layered armor
3Heart of a WarriorHunt Goss Harag and Magnamalo10 new titles
7Beast of the ShadowsHunt NargacugaNinja set stickers
6Out of Sight, Out of Mind's EyeHunt a TetranadonNinjutsu gesture
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