Monday Night Combat is out, has TF2 bonuses


Monday Night Combat is now available on Steam, and to make it's launch a little more interesting, some cross-overs are happening between it and Team Fortress 2. Read on for details on the bonuses.

“Purchase Monday Night Combat on Steam by 10.00am PST February 1st and get access to Monday Night Combat content in Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress 2 content for Monday Night Combat,” say the game's developer Uber.

Players can earn six new Honors by playing a character wearing TF2 gear in Monday Night Combat. A seventh viral Protag - MNC Fever - can only be earned by killing a player equipped with it. Initially the development team will be the only players in possession of MNC Fever.

The crossover gear for MNC includes equipment from Team Fortress, among which are the Sniper's stylish hat and the Pyro's gas-mask.

Gear available for Team Fortress 2 is more limited than that of MNC, but is made up of a small selection of clothing including a baseball cap and some socks.

The Xbox 360 version was well received, and has been on the platform since August. It's available on Steam now for £9.99

[via VG274 ]