Monaco update brings new mini-campaign, zombie mode, Linux support

Andy Schatz has broken into his own game. Not to steal something, though. While that would be true to theme of Monaco, it would also be somewhat self-defeating. Instead, he's planted a new mini-campaign. It's called Monaco Origins, because video games. In addition, you'll also find Linux support, in preparation for SteamOS, and a zombie mode, possibly in preparation for Halloween. That or, again, because video games.

The Monaco Origins campaign follows the origin stories of the eight thieves. The levels contain new features, including key-doors, trophies, rocket launcher guards, and a new class, The Blonde. Guards won't attack her until they're up close, meaning she can shepherd them around, staying far enough away to avoid damage.

You can see a full update run-down over at the Monaco Facebook page . Alternatively, check out the video below.

The free update is out now, and coincides with a 60% sale on Monaco through Steam. It will be available for $6/£4.79 until tomorrow.

Phil Savage

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