Mods bring Pokemon textures to Stardew Valley


This week on the Mod Roundup, Stardew Valley gets a Pokemon-themed infusion thanks to a number of texture replacements. Also, you can add new sights and encounters to your randomly generated Advent maps in XCOM 2. Finally, a mod lets you play through Doom 2 as Duke Nukem along with his signature weapons.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Pokedew Valley, for Stardew Valley

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This isn't a single mod but a collection of of links to Stardew Valley texture replacements that turn your various farm animals into Pokemon. You cat becomes Meowth and your horse becomes Ponyta, and you can transform cave monsters into Zubats and Digletts. Just to be up front with you, I know exactly jack about Pokemon, but if you're a fan of both it and Stardew this seems like a great way to combine them.

Looking for more mods for the smash-hit farming game? Tom's got you covered with his picks for the best Stardew Valley mods.

Duke it Out in Doom

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I love mods that mash two different games together, and it's hard to imagine a better match than Duke Nukem and Doom 2. Now you can play through Doom 2's levels as Duke, along with his weapons like the Shrink Ray and Freezethrower plus plenty of classic Duke one-liners. It works with tons of custom Doom levels as well.

World Expansion Project, for XCOM 2

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If you're still enjoying XCOM 2, and maybe thinking about taking a new run through it, you can enhance your experience with a mod that adds a bunch of new parcels and PCP's to the game's map generation pool. Currently focusing on Advent maps, you'll be treated to a new Advent landing pad, checkpoints, traffic stops, new house raids that will make your maps more varied and interesting.

Find more of our favorite XCOM 2 mods here.

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