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Modders enshrine Motörhead's Lemmy in GTA 5

GTA V Lemmy
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Despite the ability to spam Shift+H to spawn hookers, this is one of the classier tribute mods around. Or, if not classier, certainly more thorough than the likes of Fallout's deathclaw/Macho Man hybrid (opens in new tab). Grand Theft Auto 5 modders (opens in new tab) Christian Brandes, FunGt and jedijosh920 have immortalised Motörhead's Lemmy (opens in new tab), complete with signature outfit and a custom Hexer bike.

The Lemmy-brand animations impress me most: Shift+O to smoke, Shift+K to drink and Shift+I to rock, although I can't help thinking that an electric guitar would be more appropriate than the acoustic number he pulls from thin air.

It's a frivolous, throwaway thing, of course—I can't imagine many spending the rest of their GTA-playing days as Lemmy—but it's good to see a bit of effort in a light-hearted memorial. The source code (opens in new tab) is available if you feel compelled to improve things.

Thanks, Kotaku (opens in new tab).