Modder brings working lightsabers to Fallout 4


On this week's Mod Roundup, a Star Wars fan brings working lightsabers into Fallout 4, and Rico learns a nifty and deadly new attack in Just Cause 3. Meanwhile, Cities: Skylines gets a scientific makeover with some beautiful radio telescope dishes, and a modder gives you tons of custom camera options in The Witcher 3.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Teleporting Death Punch, for Just Cause 3

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Not like Rico needs more ways to cause madness and mayhem in Just Cause 3, but just in case, modder Jordan Choklad came up with a new one. It's called a teleporting death punch, and as you may have guessed, it allows Rico to essentially teleport to an enemy, and punch him. The result: death. It's a little silly, but how often will I get the chance to type "telelporting death punch" in my lifetime? Maybe twenty, thirty more times, tops. Video above.

Correction: I originally attributed the teleporting death punch mod to a different modder. My sincere apologies to Jordan Choklad!

Lightsaber Renew, for Fallout 4

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This is more than just baseball bats painted to look like lightsabers. They really extend from the hilt, and glow, and while they don't cut off limbs, they do look pretty cool in action. The above video shows they're not just for the player, too. Get your Star Wars on in Fallout 4. Thanks to Kotaku!

Telescope dish, for Cities: Skylines

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I'm not a huge fan of most of the high-level science buildings available in Cities: Skylines. They're just a little too futuristic to really fit in with the rest of your city. However, these dishes by GCVos are perfect. They're beautiful, and they're not so outlandish that they stand out like some silly sci-fi installation that's just arrived from the future. Nice work.

Absolute Camera, for The Witcher 3

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If you've been looking for some new camera options in The Witcher 3, your wild hunt is over. The Absolute Camera mod lets you define your camera for a number of different situations, like horseback riding, running, swimming, combat, sailing, interiors, and more. You can toggle between them, and even save your camera presets to share with others. The video above shows some custom camera settings, compares them to vanilla, and even adjusts them in-game.

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