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ModDB announces Mod of the Year award Top 100

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End-of-the-year lists are great for shining a bright light on stuff we've missed and stuff we might want to see again. After starting with a number somewhere north (opens in new tab) of 10,000, ModDB's Mod of the Year award is down to its Top 100 (opens in new tab) , a list of upcoming and released mods compiled after more than a week of player feedback.

After making sense of more than 62,000 (opens in new tab) votes, the final 100 mods to make the list include some weird and wonderful projects, many of which have come to define the original games they are based on in one way or another. Feel like you need a new twist on the grand family drama that is Crusader Kings 2? It might be time to check out the Game of Thrones (opens in new tab) or Elder Scrolls (opens in new tab) conversion mods. Both have made the Top 100 and stand a chance of joining an illustrious group of now-legendary mods in the ModDB Hall of Fame (opens in new tab) .

The voting period to whittle down the final 100 mods will run through December 20, according to ModDB, and you can see how things are progressing in real time at the site's live scoreboard (opens in new tab) . In the meantime I'll be taking a look at a Top 100 mod that passed me by in 2013, namely this intriguing World War I total conversion for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.