Spectacular meteor storms modded into GTA 5


This week on Ye Olde Mod Roundup, massive meteors fall like rain thanks to GTA 5's finest mod-maker. Meanwhile, another clever modder uncovers a hidden harpoon gun in Fallout 4. Also, a popular Europa Universalis mod makes its way to Crusader Kings 2, and a Cities: Skylines mod lets you name all of your roads.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Secret Harpoon Gun, for Fallout 4

This is interesting. Modder xxdeathknight72xx (I'm not sure how to pronounce that unless all the X's are silent) has uncovered a harpoon gun in Fallout 4 which looks to have been part of the game at some point, but was never officially implemented. The video above by Tyrannicon shows it off. The harpoon even trails bubbles, indicating it was intended for underwater use. Now you can have access to it. Find the mod here.

Meteor Shower, for GTA 5

JulioNIB, maker of some of the best GTA mods, is back with a new script, one that summons a massive and deadly storm of flaming meteors into Los Santos. The video above is awesome, showing the burning space-rocks entering the atmosphere and exploding all over the place. You can find the download links and instructions at the GTA X Scripting site.


Road Namer, for Cities: Skylines


I don't know why this seems so incredibly exciting to me—perhaps it's that it could lend some much-needed personalization to my Skylines cities, which tend to wind up looking and feeling a bit same-y. At any rate, it's very cool. You can name your roads, and the text snaps right into them. Very cool, especially if it gets Cimtographer integration, which is planned. It's in the Steam Workshop.

Typus Orbis Terrarum, for Crusader Kings 2


This is the CK2 version of the mod of the same name for Europa Universalis IV. It presents a more accurate map of the world—in this case, it contains the entire world, not just the playable countries of CK2—while resizing certain areas and adjusting the relative positions of others. This will definitely be useful for other modders looking to expand the world's playable areas, but it might be cool to check out even if you're just a fan of the game or nice, accurate maps. It's in the Steam Workshop.

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