Mod makes Arkham Batman fight like Nolan Batman

It's getting hard to keep up with the number of Batmen in the world. For me it'll always be Michael Keaton, even though I love the Nolan movies, and others have their favourites: and one of the oddest things is seeing how the various different takes on the character blend into one another over time, as some parts are taken while others are let behind. Anyway, Bat-rambling aside, someone's put the Nolan take on Batman into Rocksteady's Arkham Knight.

This is an oddly specific mod, because the Arkham games always felt like they took a big influence from Batman Begins anyway (that came out in 2005; Arkham Asylum was 2009). There was a load of the Animated Series and comic books in there too, but the hard-edged and brutal combat system in particular felt like... well, it almost felt like an adaptation. Not a good enough one for LootedGarbage however, who has now modded Arkham Knight to feature something closer to the moveset of the Nolan Batman.

"This mod changes the player's moveset to be more reminiscent of Christian Bale's moveset from the Dark Knight Trilogy. I know it's a goofy moveset, but I wanted to make it as movie accurate as possible. Nothing mind blowing, just a fun little mod I wanted to make."

As you can see above, what this boils down to is: lots of elbow strikes. Christian Bale does love to elbow a thug. Sadly there's no additional voice file that shouts SWEAR TO ME when the last thug goes down, but you can't have everything.

You can download the Dark Knight Trilogy moveset here. You'll need the Red Hood DLC to use the mod, as it uses some of the animations from that.

Rich Stanton

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