Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gameplay teaser is brief but striking

Mirror's Edge Catalyst cropped

Electronic Arts has dropped what appears to be the first look at Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gameplay on Twitter, and while the clip is very brief, it's nothing short of striking.

The city of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is far more visually sophisticated than the original game, which is no surprise—it's been seven years, after all—but the stylistic similarities are obvious, and that's tremendously important. There's more to a good game than good graphics, but the unique visual quality of Mirror's Edge is a big part of why it was so memorable. There was just nothing else quite like it, and it's heartening that EA appears to get that.

The entire video is just 23 seconds, and the gameplay accounts for no more than 15 of them, but they're 15 of the best videogame preview seconds you're likely to have all day. And we'll almost certainly be seeing more soon: EA tweeted over the weekend that gameplay will be on display at Gamescom, which begins on August 5.

Andy Chalk

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