Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta begins today, full release is coming in May

Torn Banner Studios announced earlier this month that the mystical multiplayer battler Mirage: Arcane Warfare would enter closed beta testing on March 27. Now that the big day has arrived, it's taken the natural next step by revealing that the game will go into full release on May 23.   

The Mirage closed beta will include six classes of characters with two tiers of swappable abilities, playing on a "periodic" rotation of 11 maps and five modes. It will also see in the introduction of a new character called the Entropist, "a burly mage with a penchant for bar fights, wine and vulgarity." He's a healer, and as seen at the end of the trailer above, can hitch rides on a flying carpet. A full Entropist reveal will be made prior to the game's release. 

Access to the Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta can be had by preordering the game on Steam for $30/£23/€27, minus a ten percent discount for anyone who already owns Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. For those who don't, this is also a good time to address that situation: From now until March 28 (a time hasn't been specified, so get on it), Chivalry can be had for free

A more detailed breakdown of what's coming in the beta can be seen in the walkthrough trailer below.   

Andy Chalk

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