Laugh your blocks off at these hilarious Minecraft videos

Minecraft videos
(Image credit: Mojang)

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of YouTube and streaming, there are more Minecraft videos out there than you could possibly watch in a lifetime. Their subjects range from instructional videos to Let's Plays to people showing off their creations, with countless more weird and wonderful videos cropping up every day. 

One particularly popular subgenre is players messing up in entertaining ways. If you Google “best Minecraft videos”, you'll find an abundance of daft compilations that people have made. However, some of these are obnoxiously long, and not ever clip within them is funny. 

One of the more amusing compilations comes via Prestige Clips on YouTube. Subtly name the, “TOP 100 MINECRAFT FAILS EVER!” it's a decent, if lengthy, collection of capers. To help you out, I've teased out some of the best clips within the compilation. In other words, this is a list of the best Minecraft videos within the best Minecraft video. If that doesn’t hurt your head too much, click on the vid and skip ahead to the timestamps below. 

The best Minecraft videos and clips

Bazza Gazza (0:00)

The clip at the beginning of the video is a classic Minecraft moment, one that countless players have experienced at some point. Bazza Gazza stands back from his latest build, basking in the glory of his work. Then it all goes horribly awry, because Creepers. 

Crayator (3:51)

Hardcore mode is a cruel mistress. Thankfully Crayator has a big bushy moustache to protect him from his foes. That was the theory, anyway. This clip features one of the best freak outs around, with the reality itself starting to crumble at the end of the clip. 

Alexia Raye (05:08)

Virtual Reality is great and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar and a scoundrel. It does have its downsides, though. One of the these how much scarier everything becomes when it can get right in your face. It makes for good TV though, so that’s nice. 

Seefido (08:48)

I can't decide if this one is funny or deranged, but it’s interesting either way. Watching a player mess around with the physics in Minecraft is fascinating, especially when you combine it with a cannon. 

Abuzzo3 (10:47)

There’s something oddly wholesome about this clip, despite it also having the vibe of a horror film. Worth watching if you like low-level panics instead of the high-level rage that so many Minecraft players trade on.

Inferiorapple18 (12:55)

This looks like some an unusual spawning issue, but it’s hard not to laugh at the Villager’s expression at the end. Who are we to judge them, after all? 

Liamcsd (16:27)

Back to Creepers again. This clip teaches an important lesson that every Minecraft player should learn. You’re never as safe as you’d like to be in Minecraft.

TPO (19:07)

I'm highlighting this clip because it features someone getting punished for hurting a cow. Be nice to cows, they’re cute and deserve better.  

Carpalenderman (20:30)

Turns out there's a reason for the phrase “look before you leap”. This video isn’t the reason, but you'd be forgiven for thinking so.

Staffytaffy9735 (27:00)

This is one of many videos where the player simply doesn't use enough torches. But it also offers a nice wholesome end to this list as well. There may be more Minecraft videos than you could possibly watch, but at least now you've seen some of the better examples of Minecraft's goofier side. 


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