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Minecraft update is live, adds new blocks and beds

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Minecraft sheep

A new Minecraft update has landed, adding an experimental new lighting engine, three new mini-blocks and, best of all, beds. If everyone on a server goes to bed at night, the game will skip to the morning. It's a good way to dodge those marauding night time mobs. You'll find the full list of updates below.

Notch announced the changes on his blog . They look a little bit like this:

  • Implemented a new lighting engine with the help of MrMessiahs (can be turned off)

  • Changed the options around, added a new “Graphics options” button

  • Added beds. If all players in a map sleeps in a bed during night, the game immediately skips until morning

  • Added three new half-size blocks

  • Added Delay/Repeater redstone dust blocks

  • Added whitelisting to the server. To use, enter “whitelist ” where cmd is “on”, “off”, “add ”, “remove ”, “list” or “reload”

  • New save file format, old maps need to be converted (that might take a while..)

  • It's now possible to have more than five save slots, and to rename saves

  • Scrollbars in both the texture pack list, and in the map selection screen

  • Replaced the Mojang splash image to reflect the new logo colors

  • ... and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks!

A short Minecraft documentary was released recently showing Minecraft's creators Mojang Specifications as they moved into their new offices. There's also a version of Minecraft being developed for iPads and iPhones .

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