Minecraft reaches 20 million registered users, 4.6 million sales

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Most developers announce mind-blowing sales milestones with bone-dry press releases full of quotes that run the gamut from "We're pretty great" to "Yeah, what that guy said." Mojang is not one of those developers. In celebration of the latest jewel in Minecraft's blocky crown, Notch tweeted the following:

"At 4 liters per day, it would take a million years to drink 20 million liquidized humans. Just saying."

As of writing, the exact numbers have ballooned to 20,146,41 registered users and 4,670,64 sales. In other words, that's a whole, whole lot of replica Death Stars. Probably enough that - given the same number of man hours in real-life - we could have constructed a real Death Star. Alderaan, you owe Mojang big time.