How to unlock the Regal Tiger and Brilliant Beetle mounts in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends - a player rides on a purple Regal Tiger surrounded by other tigers in a savanah
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To get around the new Overworld, you'll always be astride one of the four Minecraft Legends mounts: the default horse, awesome Brilliant Beetle, tropical Big Beak, or purple Regal Tiger. To unlock each mount, you need to find its home on the map, but afterwards you're free to swap rides any time you like. 

Down below I'll explain how to initially find all three new mounts in your campaign, what skills each mount has, and why the Brilliant Beetle is totally the best mount in Minecraft Legends.

How to swap mounts in Minecraft Legends 

To find one of the three new mounts in Minecraft Legends you'll need to find their homes on the map, initially marked by a question mark. Here are each of their home biomes to search for: 

  • Brilliant Beetle: jungle
  • Regal Tiger: dry savannah
  • Big Beak: jagged peaks

These question mark symbols can mean a lot of different things, so you'll need to get closer to find out what's there. After you've discovered them though, the Brilliant Beetle, Regal Tiger, and Big Beak will all have their own icons on the map so you can find them again.

When you're standing beside a new mount, you can press and hold Q to swap. After you've discovered them, each of the alternate mounts should be hanging around any of the villages on the map so you can change between them any time you need.

(Image credit: Mojang Studios / Blackbird Interactive)

Brilliant Beetle

The Brilliant Beetle is definitely the best mount in Minecraft Legends because of its ability to climb vertical walls. Just ride directly at a wall or cliff face while on the beetle and you'll be able to climb directly to the top. This makes exploring the Overworld extremely easy. You can scale mountain tops and glide down with your wings, scout out the tops of Horde of the Spore fortresses easily, and scurry  over your own defensive walls too—though be warned your mob armies will not always be able to follow you.

Regal Tiger

The Regal Tiger isn't quite as versatile as the beetle, but it's faster than every other mount in the game. The tiger cannot jump very high, but you can cover lots of ground super quickly, which makes it great for exploring forests and the dry savannah it's native to or just speedily scouting out new biomes across the map.

Big Beak 

The Big Beak mount can jump high in the air and like the Brilliant Beetle it can glide slowly to the ground if you hold down the jump button as you fall. It's great for leaping and bounding over swampy pools of water or floating down safely from steep mountains like the jagged peaks it calls home. 

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